Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • rdowns
    Mar 3, 09:47 AM
    Hi there,

    Just wanted to make a suggestion on thread titles. I may be the only one, but I think that thread titles with repeated question marks (?????) are annoying and unnecessary. It only suggests unnecessary urgency and importance to the thread the poster has written. Therefore I think there should be a rule that states that threads with more than one repeated question mark in the title will be deleted until renamed.



    Yes. What we need are more rules at MacDisney. :rolleyes:

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  • devilot
    Sep 14, 10:53 AM
    Yes... coffee, tea, cola (including Diet coke), even red wine are all really bad for your veneers. If I had dropped $1K on teeth whitening I'd have to reconsider drinking all those teeth staining yummies. :(

    To the OP: maybe a cheaper method-- cut down on the aforementioned beverages and use teeth whitening toothpaste as well as whitening strips. I know that when I have tried Crest Whitestrips I could see a noticeable difference only using one strip a day after 3 measly days! It's much cheaper and you won't feel as bad if you do slip up and drink the yummy-teeth stainers. :p

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  • treynolds
    Nov 16, 02:42 PM
    there shouldn't be any pop-up ads.

    Please post a screenshot.


    It doesn't happen every time. I'll try to collect one. The ad seems to intrude on different parts of teh screen at duifferent times. Trying to click on one of the forum buttons under the ad clicks the ad itself, and then takes one to that website.



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  • daryliow
    Jun 22, 08:04 AM
    They have always said first come first served! Are you heading there in the morning? If so what time?

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  • jessica.
    Oct 4, 07:59 AM
    But, how did the iPod fit perfectly on an iPhone 4 case?

    It didn't, there's no way it would be a good fit.

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  • ATD
    Oct 19, 04:50 PM

    An ad that I rendered in Maya. I might animate later. :D :D

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  • Laike
    Apr 10, 09:51 PM
    Tears in screen protector from applying? holy crap, what are you using to push out bubbles, a knife?

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  • jmdeegan
    May 3, 10:20 AM
    Tried all Best buy does JR electronics have them?

    As mentioned a few posts above, no. J and R does not carry them. Only Best Buy and Apple stores.

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  • maldoror
    May 1, 08:28 PM
    i was trying to set up a bluetooth mouse and one of the devices on the bluetooth list i didn't recognize. i clicked it and i think it sent a number out to the bluetooth device to type in so it could link to my mac.
    after that i realized it was my neighbor's mac.

    does this mean all they have to do is type the number and they can get into my computer? all my photos went missing yesterday and i found the the iphoto file mysteriously moved to another folder with some other photos which i couldn't possibly have done myself since i haven't accessed that file recently.
    also just now i noticed that the "bluetooth file exchange" app is suddenly open.

    what should i do?

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  • scem0
    Oct 27, 02:12 PM
    Originally posted by Inhale420

    not only that, but there is a limit to where bigger is NOT better. a 30 inch screen placed 2 feet in front of you doesn't seem to make much sense.

    Exactly. I mean, how many of these could they possible sell? And imagine the costs of making one. There would (most probably) be a whole bunch of dead pixels...

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  • balamw
    May 1, 08:23 AM
    How long do you think it will take to have to knowledge to actually write my own App. That would be App Store quality ?

    Depends on what the App is supposed to do. ;)

    There are plenty of apps in the store that could be written by someone with no knowledge in ~6 weeks on their own, but there are also many that are much larger.

    You will get a better appreciation of this as you make it through the books you have on hand.

    Skip "Become and Xcoder" it's too outdated to be useful .

    From Apress Learn Objective-C on the Mac ( gets far better reviews than "Objective C for Absolute Beginners"

    "Beginning iPhone 4 Development" also gets good reviews, but may require some previous knowledge, and "Mac Programming for Absolute Beginners" is so new it does not yet have any reviews on Amazon.

    I would suggest Kochan's "Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (2nd Edition) (" as an alternative place to start. It is the "standard" book for learning Objective-C 2.0 and as such many folks are familiar with its content.

    You need to do what keeps you engaged. If that means working on iOS apps on the hardware, do that, if you learn better by developing a fundamental base, you will generally spend a lot of time on console (text I/O) stuff that will help you develop the underlying knowledge you need.


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  • apsterling
    Jan 12, 09:00 PM
    AirMac would be more fitting, but MacBook Air will be it's name, if such an item exists.

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  • Dave Braine
    Apr 27, 03:24 AM
    you can't do an upgrade install coming from Tiger.
    Yes you can.

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  • raymanrox1
    Apr 7, 08:37 AM
    Okay. Maybe I am too daft to fully understand you.

    Can't you right click on the ODD icon in Windows Explorer?

    Are both Option keys not working? Have your tried another external USB keyboard? Even a Windows keyboard will work.
    And to be absolutely sure, and so I understand correctly, as this is new to me, you were able to eject any optical media inside the ODD by just pressing the OPTION key during the boot process into Windows (after you restarted the Mac and chose to boot Windows)?

    If you have successfully installed the Windows drivers from the Mac OS X DVD, then you can use the Boot Camp Utility in the Task Bar to restart into Mac OS X.

    What i meant is that I used to start with the option key and thereafter pressing the eject button.(When they show the different drivers)The option keys do work but they are locked.(Firmware password locked)Thats why I'm asking whether theres an alternative way to get the disk to eject apart from attempting to eject from Windows Explorer. If there is I might be able to prevent screwing up my mac incase I cant install the drivers.

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  • Fubar1977
    Apr 30, 07:10 AM
    I would try a factory reset before returning.
    I assume when you said you`d reset it you simply meant shutting it down and rebooting it.
    Traces of your JB may remain and you NEED to rule that out TOTALLY before looking at a hardware fault imo.

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  • BillyBobBongo
    Mar 11, 06:48 AM
    Whilst I appreciate that you have to have Ads on the site to generate revenue, there have been a few that pop up during the last few weeks with sound in them (I've attached an image of one such ad).

    I actually make Flash based Ads from time to time and the guidelines are always clear that sound shouldn't be playing without either a rollover event or a user interaction.

    I don't suppose you can removed/do something about these...they're really ruining my Pink Floyd.


    Edit: Just seen another thread on this...sorry, I didn't check before posting.

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  • Vampire5003
    May 2, 02:41 PM
    iPhone 2G

    Part No: MA712LL/A

    Serial No: 7S728YW2WH8

    What can you tell me about this iPhone serial number? Where was it made? When? Any additional details?

    Thanks gurus.


    Why are you asking?

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  • whiteshadoww
    Jun 20, 05:10 PM
    Trying to work with my mind really on the new product. But we have iOS 4 to look forward to - when will that be released?

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 5, 07:30 PM
    who cares how many question marks are in the odd thread????

    I vote for immediate deletion of completely useless threads ... forget wasteland ... just delete them. :cool:

    Mar 16, 12:36 PM
    Bear in mind...
    Sorry I couldn't help it.

    I have been watching the price of Apple stocks and they are down $20 from last week when I almost bought a single share. Glad I didn't though. If I get this job today or tomorrow I think I will buy one or two shares while it's sagging.

    Sep 26, 12:24 PM
    Yes. The Shuffle will indeed work as a jump drive between Windows and Mac boxes.

    I have a Mac at work, and a pc at home. I work as a PR writer, so I regularly use my 1 gig Shuffle to bridge the two computers: Word docs, Entourage/Outlook e-mail archives, etc. Never had a problem.

    Mar 12, 10:02 PM
    I took a 1TB external (the small form factor model from WD), created two partitions on it, then installed Lion on one of the two partitions. It runs remarkably well, albeit just a tad slow in some aspects, but I have no major issues and it even goes to sleep! I was unable to install iStat Menus 2 (the last free version), some of the previously-installed apps from the Mac App Store (installed on my internal HDD), or use iProxy, but I really, really like Lion and can't wait for it to be released.

    I ran Geekbench and, while I didn't expect a great score, only scored 3661 on a late-2008 MacBook Pro (2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 6 GB RAM). I'll just put that down to Lion being installed on an external USB2 device.

    One thing I really liked was that when you download an app from the Mac App Store, instead of the app being installed in your dock, Launchpad is invoked and the app gets "installed" there.

    Jun 24, 08:03 AM
    Wait, did I get the purple sock or did Kuebby?

    You both did. If you see the original post, there were 2 purple socks! :)

    Apr 18, 07:43 PM
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    Paper towel? Might as well take a knife to it haha