Monday, May 23, 2011

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  • Heavy Fluid
    Nov 25, 03:56 PM
    Used, but in really good condition. Great components and tires should make this a blast to ride.

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  • skunk
    Mar 20, 07:29 AM
    I actually think having troops is better. It is specifically outside the UN resolution to put troops on the ground.

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  • Edge100
    Sep 1, 12:47 PM
    Hmm... the problem with that line-up is that when consumers see the shiny new advert saying "Meet the new iMacs" they'll look at the clock speeds and say "What new iMacs?". I think it would be reasonable for Apple to offer...

    17" iMac - $1,199 - 2 GHz, X1650 Pro 128 MB
    20" iMac - $1,699 - 2.16 GHz, X1650 Pro 256 MB
    23" iMac - $2,199 - 2.33 GHz, X1650 Pro 256 MB

    No way would I pay an extra $500 for an 8% faster machine and a slighly larger display, when for that money I can go with the 20" and buy a second widescreen 20" display and have a HUGE viewable area.

    The 23" is going to have to be a LOT closer to the 20" in order for it to sell. I'm thinking $1899 or $1999, or else it will have to be decked out with extra RAM, HD space, or CPU speed.

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  • jeznav
    Apr 12, 10:05 PM
    $299... but this isn't studio

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  • mc68k
    Nov 18, 01:00 PM
    ^ thanks, it's pretty crazy, sometimes i get as much output a day as i would in a month a year ago!

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  • iMikeT
    Aug 29, 09:25 AM
    If the GPU is upgraded, I'll definitely get one.

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  • wmmk
    Jul 13, 11:08 PM
    I bet it will be BTO when it is introduced at WWDC.
    I'd think the option would come a bit later. I mean, who wants an optical drive that can currently play nothing and burn to nothing which will cost them $500-$1000 on a machine that is already very pricey.

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  • redAPPLE
    Aug 7, 01:34 AM
    It would be cool if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Cal.) made a surprise appearance and said - "Hasta la vista, Vista!"

    unfortunately, i think, he is a pc guy.

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  • TangoCharlie
    Sep 1, 11:59 AM
    Wow. That would be great news. I'd think about one of those instead of a mac pro.... please make it have fw800. Then I really would take it over a pro.
    That's exactly why Apple differentiates its product lines. They want you to fork out for a Pro :)
    Equally, they DON'T want you to buy a Dell..... which is why I think they will introduce a "desktop" Mac.... But hey, it might not come with FW800 :(

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  • Blakeco123
    Feb 26, 09:29 PM
    what you see
    mac mini w/ 10.7 AND 10.6
    windows 7 on hp pavillion (the occasional windows app)
    wired keybord
    apple pro keybord
    magic trackpad (lost my magic mouse)
    mighty mouse
    wd 2 tb mybook
    wd 1 tb (don't know the name)
    old harman/kardon speakers
    lg flatron w2240t 22 inch
    hp vs19 19inch
    in the pc cabinet i installed two computer fans to keep it cool as the temperatures would rise to 140+ within minutes of turning it on. now rests at 105
    sorry for the crappy phone pics
    and lastly all my cords

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  • ErikGrim
    Apr 4, 07:25 PM
    I don't know about this whole fullscreen mode thing. The more "features" they add, the less I like it. I like to see pertinent information at a glance. I don't understand why the menu bar has to be hidden. I lose the ability to see my battery %, wifi status, even the time of day at a glance. All for what? to save 20 pixels of space? I'm sorry but if you need screen space that badly you should invest in a bigger monitor. Even the iOS devices leave the information bar at the top... :o

    Just my thoughts...
    Then don't use full screen �? No one is forcing it on you.

    I use full screen for mail on my 27". Would be useless to put Safari on FS on that size, but I can see why it would be useful on an 11" Air.

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  • boncellis
    Jul 18, 02:51 PM
    I have mixed feelings about this. The only way I see this really becoming big is if Apple releases a Mac Mini media center. By so doing, Apple will catch a huge market of people who say, "What do you want to watch tonight?" How many times have you been in this situation. You've looked at all your movies, which you've seen at least three times each, and decide that you don't have anything you want to watch. Would if, from your remote, you had a whole movie store IN YOUR HOME? That's right. Who needs to go to Blockbuster or wait for NetFlix. Just point, click, and...hello, movie. You get to keep it for a few days.

    This will only work, though, if it is that easy. If people have to figure out their own way to get it to the TV, they will simply go get the DVD from Blockbuster, because the player is already hooked up to the TV. If Apple wants to make it in the movie business, they need to build something that is meant to hook up to the TV right OUT OF THE BOX.

    I'm excited to see it!

    Right. Just like that super successful venture Moviebeam.

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  • sthpark7791
    Jan 2, 08:54 PM
    Apprently, the keynote is going to be 2 hours long!

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  • ecoons
    Jan 12, 01:20 PM
    I don't know if anyone has said this one yet, but... Lets say you are using a Mac Mini for your media center, well the FrontRow remote is very limited in terms of what it can DO and if you take a look at how FrontRow plays DVDs vs the Leopard DVD Player, you will see that the player is a MUCH better interface.......when using a mouse. But sitting at the couch with a mouse is pretty impractical. So how could they have a mouse when you are at your couch?

    Think Wii. What if they managed to have a similarly small remote with the same 5 functions but you could use it to point at the screen as if using a mouse. THEN I could also see surfing the web on your HDTV with your wireless keyboard and new remote to be much more of a breeze (pun intended). Maybe a new AppleTV is in the air?

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  • jeznav
    Mar 31, 08:49 AM
    Apple has never mentioned the new "Scene Kit" before:

    Introduced in Mac OS X v10.7, the Scene Kit framework enables your application to import, manipulate, and render three-dimensional assets. It supports 3D assets imported via COLLADA, an XML-based schema that facilitates the transport of 3D assets between applications. Architecturally, a scene is composed of the 3D entities of cameras, lights, and meshes. Scene Kit lets you access attributes of scene objects—for example, geometry, bounding volume, and material—and is consistent with the APIs of other graphical frameworks, such as Core Animation and Image Kit.

    Scene Kit is intended for developers who quickly need to integrate 3D rendering into their applications. It doesn’t require that you have advanced graphical programming skills.

    Where are you seeing this? I can't find this on the reference documents.

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  • Philoman
    Sep 6, 03:48 PM
    The price is slowing going up and up.

    PC user who are considering switching is thinking they can buy a whole system for this price.

    Apple should offer a $499 Mini for those who are short on money and for those who want to try a Mac for the first time.

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  • NATO
    Aug 16, 10:47 AM
    Apple has apparently denied this rumour... unusual for them, but I reckon it's probably something they're working on

    The Register - Apple Wireless iPod Denial (

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  • JRM PowerPod
    Aug 7, 04:42 AM
    Not too brag or anything :D but it works out great for us in UK. Get in from work 5.30pm / open a beer / macrumors / keynote 6pm / tears of joy / rob bank 9pm / buy mac pro :D

    Yeah, but you have to live in the UK. It all works out

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  • Consultant
    Apr 26, 01:37 PM
    Actually, it would 1-Click ;)

    In formal writing, one should always write out the words for all numbers one through ten.

    "1 click" would be unacceptable in proper English writing.

    Therefore, Apple should have done one-click instead of 1-click to avoid licensing issues: ;)

    Amazon filed a patent infringement lawsuit in October 1999 in response to Barnes & Noble offering a 1-Click ordering option called "Express Lane." After reviewing the evidence, a judge issued a preliminary injunction ordering Barnes & Noble to stop offering Express Lane until the case was settled.

    Apple should get an injunction against App Store knockoffs.

    Sep 1, 01:27 PM

    They say reliable sources confirm a 23" MEROM (not Conroe) iMac!

    Aug 30, 08:41 AM
    Those speeds line up exactly with the T5000 series of Merom.And Yonah:
    Intel T2400 Core Duo Yonah 1.83GHz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2400
    Intel T2300 Core Duo Yonah 1.66Ghz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2300

    Looks like the CPU speeds match onto Yonah parts too :rolleyes:That's why I'm thinking Apple is going to use indentical 32-bit Yonah speeds short term until Intel can keep up with Apple's Merom needs at a reduced price for the stop-gap short-term Yonah supplies. I'm thinking Intel will get caught up by November when Apple will quietly switch the mini assembly lines to Meroms. Almost a stealth switch except the packaging and docs will brag C2D on them.

    This makes a lot of sense and adds immediate value to the mini line while Apple can't yet receive enough Merom processors to fulfill their short term needs while Intel is cranking up production. I think losing the single core mini is a huge big deal. Anyone who thinks they don't need two cores just doesn't have experience with that setup.

    I think everyone here who is still on a single processor really can't understand why multi-core processing is so important because they don't know what it feels like. If they did, they would be on two or four already. Even the old Dual G4's are a huge advantage over the solos. :)

    Nov 28, 11:24 AM
    Is anybody surprise by this?
    Seriously we knew this all along.
    Plus, what surprises me is that Microsoft did no TV advertising for the Zune at all. So many people out there have no idea it even exists.

    Zune has no chance until they have an integration like ipod and itunes have. Maybe in Vista they will have a chance to get that but my feeling is too late for them.
    Apple will not let down and I am pretty sure before spring we'll see updates across the ipod line and maybe finally the widescreen ipod.
    Apr 3, 03:39 AM
    False. DP 2 can install directly to a blank drive/partitlon.
    Agreed. I installed both Developer Previews on a clean drive � you just have to burn them to a DVD.

    May 2, 05:02 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    WTF? This is a computer, with a real mouse/trackpad. Click and hold til it wiggles, then click the x?