Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • VanneDC
    Mar 19, 11:37 PM
    no worries, glad to be of help govner,

    depending on what your going to be using the G5 for mate, be very sceptical about getting caught up in the G5 upgrade current. The quicker 2.3 are not actually much quicker at all (cept the dual core models) and the 1.8ghz dualie runs great. I sometimes wish i handent sold mine. The 2.3ghz i have atm isnt that much quicker than the 1.8 i had before.
    Vid cards make a massive diff in the G5 and with that 9800 pro you've got a great little card in your box. Just make sure you give it enough ram to function properly. I would recommend 2gig and upwards and as much as you can afford or scavenge.

    I have 6gb in my 2.3 atm and it hoots.. esp if your going to be going with leopard. (which i recommend that you do )

    that said, in regards to ram, try and grab all the same sticks. I have a mixed bag of nuts in mine and it does take longer to check the ram that it would with only 2 or 4 sticks in there. (cos i am a cheap skate, i even have several 256mb sticks in there, which are pretty useless :)

    let us know how you get on and what sort of work your G5 will be doing..


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  • MrXiro
    Apr 15, 03:57 PM
    ...if your usage needs to have more than the 4Gb of RAM avail then its better to have 8Gb at the slightly lower bandwidth then paging to your HDD with 4Gb of RAM at a slightly higher bandwidth...

    Oh I understand that... but is 1333 even noticeably faster? Is it worth bothering spending the extra money on 1333mhz RAM over the significantly cheaper 1067?

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  • stridemat
    Mar 5, 04:17 PM
    People who don't punctuate properly should be punched in the face. Zero tolerance...

    Pot, Kettle, Black ;)

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  • Surely
    May 4, 12:34 PM
    This is exciting because it adds so many amazing new major features.;)

    I think I'll wait a while.

    EDIT: never mind my sarcasm.......I see that BGR stated that this update improves battery life. I'm all over it now.:p

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  • ECUpirate44
    May 5, 03:23 PM
    I was in the same position as you and I just got the 4. I really didn't feel like waiting until possibly Sept for the 5. As other have said, it will run iOS 5 and the 4 is still leaps and bounds ahead of many other phones.

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  • ashwinr87
    Apr 19, 09:22 AM

    I have a zoom animation in which when I perform an action, a view comes up in a zooming fashion.

    The code I use to do this is,

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  • littlehouse
    Jan 12, 09:50 PM
    maybe try connecting the dock to a power source

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  • wdlove
    Sep 23, 01:14 PM
    It seems that we will have to wait for the official word from Apple. I hope that it isn't closed for good though.

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  • DarkNetworks
    Sep 26, 01:51 AM
    Im selling my Shuffle hoping to get at least $100 - $120 for it. Im looking at a 20Gb iPod <- Wayyy too much space or a nano. I like the nano because I already take my Shuffle everywhere with me. I like the screen of the nano well because its color and you can view pictures. But a 20Gb or 10Gb 3Gen would be a bit big. And I like the portability of the nano. Its small so I can keep it in my pocket with other school stuff ( ID, pens, ect) and from some pictures I have seen of it it fits in any pocket. I have only 3.6Gb of music so a 4Gb model would be fine. And about 50Mb of pictures. Any advice?

    My advice would be to go with the iPod...unless you don't need that space...go for the nano...

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  • zombitronic
    Nov 17, 08:23 AM
    ...What you mean a gift in that link?

    'Gift' is the name of the ad.

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  • pilotError
    Mar 29, 07:47 PM
    the system calls are a funny thing, you can also look at the exec calls.

    $ man 3 exec

    try using the full path to curl '/usr/bin/curl ... '

    If I remember correctly, when system executes the shell, you won't get the path or environment from the current process, so it doesn't know where to find the curl command unless it was built in.

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  • bmcgonag
    Feb 14, 08:19 PM
    Tell your friend he's right. Then tell him he should stick with windows. Then tell him to post a blog entry somewhere everytime his anti-virus/anti-malware tells him it found something. Then tell him you'll do the same. The one with the most posts at the end of the year give's the other one $1000.00.

    See if he knows the odds of him winning.


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  • aussie_geek
    Aug 10, 10:48 PM
    BS. Where are you getting your info? The CPU does all the work, the HD only stores the info crunched to send back to SETI. I am coming up on my 1st yr anniversary and no problems. My main machine is the G3/300, 6 yrs old and still purring like the day it was new. Just make sure you have a good air flow through the box and everything will be fine. It is the peps that use PowerBooks that burn up your machine, probably because they don't raise it off the table to get air underneath it. I use 1/2" rubber feet and a small desk fan blowing across the unit to cool my PowerBook the fan hardly comes on. My temps never exceed 109�F in my G3.

    What happens is when you are processing a work unit, the result from each process is written back to disk. Although the data units are small (about 350kb) your Mac is continually reading / writing the data from the same sector of the disk. Think of it as a bush track. Although there is lots of dirt there, over time the people who walk through there make a groove.... Do you want this to happen to a $200 hard drive?

    Now, lets say that data unit is somehow fragmented on your drive. Imagine all the work the drive heads have to do to read / write a data result.

    This is why you should set up a ram disk - it saves your hard drive and actually speeds up the process. It is always faster to read / write from ram than it is to a HD. ;)


    edit - although I do think distributed computing is a great solution to solving problems, I can't see myself being that dedicated setting up a box fan to cool my computer so I can pump out 300 work units a year....

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  • Hemingray
    Sep 17, 07:55 PM
    Where are you getting this $500 figure? The Dual gig is $2499 and the dual 1.25 gig is $3299.

    I can see your $500 price difference is if you upped the RAM in the dual gig model to 512MB (+$200) and the hard drive to 120 (+$100) to match all the specs of the 1.25 model. Is that what you meant?

    For the extra $500 you get basically an extra 250MHz per processor and an extra 1MB of L3 cache. And bragging rights of having the fastest PowerMac until the next revision. But I never personally purchase the highest model available. I would consider waiting until the benchmark results come out against the two models, that would help to determine if the extra $500 is worth it.

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  • mjstew33
    Dec 6, 05:07 PM
    There is more to myspace then 13 year old girls dressing up like sluts and demanding comments.
    LOL I agree.

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  • thequicksilver
    Jan 10, 11:53 AM
    Yes, amongst many others.

    Interestingly, the tab shifting buttons they mention in this doesn't work in my Firefox 1.0. I have to use ctrl-page up/dn as opposed to cmd-pageup/dn.

    (I keep getting told the server is too busy, so hope this only posts once.)

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  • WildCowboy
    Jan 6, 11:55 AM
    We're still working on plans, so no need to panic yet. More information will be forthcoming. :)

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  • ststephen
    May 6, 11:02 PM
    PS: check out the mac processor power/ speed/ core #'s, buss speeds, RAM speed and Amt, when cs3,4, AP, & LR were introduced. It will put what you think will work in perspective with what will work just fine. The base 27 will suffice for years into the future. Add a matte screen when you get more serious. When you evolve the point when you are editing batch photos, or doing multiple poster sized layouts, add a few SSD's. When that time comes, their sizes & prices will be more in tune with reality.

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  • whooleytoo
    Jul 5, 11:45 AM
    "Black Email of Death"
    "Death Grip"?

    What is it about the internet that it encourages everyone to be so dramatic with every issue, even a dead pixel. ("The pixel is dead! DEAD! I could handle a sick pixel, but a dead one?")

    May 4, 03:37 PM
    My apps are here: /Users/.../Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications

    can i backup this folder to a diskdrive?

    i am visiting apps that i bought via itunes and there is no any info there that i bought or not. So, if i format or change my mac then can i restore with that backed up folder?

    Yes, you can manually backup your application folder if you wish.

    If you happen to have a hard drive crash, etc. its very easy to email apple support and tell them what has happened. They will put up everything you've purchssed, and lost, backup in your download queue and then you can redownload them again.

    My wife had her laptop stolen, lost everything. One email to apple support, and less than 24 hours later she had about 60 apps and over 300 songs available to download again. It was some of the greatest support I've seen.

    Mar 13, 03:03 PM
    As the title says my mother has an original iPad and her iPad is at 3.2.1 or whatever 3.2 or something. Anyways, my question is where can I get the 4.2.1 software for the iPad. If I restore in iTunes right now I will get 4.3. I dont want that. I want 4.2.1! Any way to do that? She is interested in jailbreaking her pad! Thanks in advance...

    Feb 12, 11:43 AM

    Dec 28, 01:17 AM
    I think I've figured out what the issue is, so I'm posting for the benefit of any user who may come across this problem in the future.

    I was sharing a folder on an NTFS partition on my hard drive. The NTFS partition is intended to be used as a shared storage space between my dual-boot OS's of Windows 7 and OS X on my MacBook (since Windows 7 is unable to read from the HFS+ file system that OS X uses).

    When I tried sharing a folder on my Macintosh HD (in the HFS+ file system), I was able to have the settings stick. I'm not sure why it didn't allow the settings for the NTFS volume to stick, especially since I have NTFS-3G installed to enable write access to the volume, as well as read. (By default, OS X doesn't allow write access to NTFS file systems). I'm guessing that this is a bug that would be fixed in the future when OS X supports writing to NTFS volumes natively.

    So, if you want to share something on your Mac over the network, and you want to define users and their permissions, you should make sure that the folders that you're sharing are on a drive or partition formatted to HFS+.

    Jan 26, 09:15 AM

    I need some advice on a good guide to selecting a font to go with logos or illustrations pleeease :) ...derickm's link in Post No. 5 is a gross simplification of the steps required to select the typeface(s) used in a logo. You don't give a hint what the logo is for. It could be a product, business, school, church, service, anything .... Whatever it is, its logo says everything about it in a glance. Not only does the logo for a funeral home require different typefaces than a burger joint, but also a five-year-old burger joint requires different typefaces than a 60 year-old burger joint. Many concerns use original custom typefaces in their logos. Think Coca Cola, General Electric, Ford, Burger King.

    Only persons who are personally familiar with what the logo will be used for have a clue about the proper typefaces(s) to be used in it.