Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 6, 11:57 AM
    id much rather get a free one than pay for it, dont worry i'm not doing anything illegal so stop being nasty.

    Parents won't buy you a new Mac when the one you have gets the job done?

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  • biohazard6969
    Dec 7, 10:42 PM
    again, i'm interested in the PC but would have to wait for some christmas cash. as stated in your previous thread i could trade, a powerbook g3, ipod 3G 15GB, or an imac G3 600

    let me know if interested...i also have a few obscure un-tech related things for sale if interested....

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  • mistamidget
    Feb 5, 01:25 AM
    Interesting thing just happened today.
    I installed ntfs-3g so I could write to my ntfs partitions and found that when I next tried to set the startup disk to mircosotf the partition was gone. :eek:
    So I plugged in my eMac keyboard to use the option key start method and both disks were there but the bootcamp disk just hung. I have just now removed ntfs-3g and the partition is now back in the startup list so hopefully it's all back to normal.
    Has anyone else seen this? bit of a bummer IMO

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  • fuzion11
    May 4, 02:23 PM
    Indeed. I just spent 3-4 hours restoring my phone after updating to 4.3.2. I will update whence iOS 5 doth show itself.

    Besides, I think the tracking thing is pretty neat :D

    Have you ever looked at the location file that saves on your PC? If so, can you tell me where iTunes saves it?


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  • iLucas
    May 3, 02:50 PM
    Thanks, I used an intel mac in target mode and it worked great. Now if I could only figure out which version of itunes will run on this imac..... but maybe thats another thread.

    iTunes 9.2.1. iTunes 10+ requires leopard.

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  • doucy2
    Dec 11, 09:09 AM
    Original Quicksilver had a very poor cooling solution with not much in the way of airflow. The original fan blew out if not mistaken. But that makes little sense in my view. I would have that fan sucking cool air from outside and blowing it across that sink into the system. Even open up a few of those holes on the back with a drill if you must its what i did. The big fan above the hard disc moves air to the outside of the unit. Also i dont know how you feel about this but i have notice manufactors are sloppy and stingy when applying the silicone compound between the cpu & sink. Make sure that CPU is coated 100% before mounting the heat sink. Also Quicksilver came with 2 fan guards on the power supply. One on the unit and one on the case. Remove one of these guards for even better flow of air. For example i had a 1.4 Merc extreme that would run all day at 1.47 after i made these cooling mods. quicksilver for the most part baths the componets in other componets heat and then sends that air across the sink out the system. Reverse that for better cooling. good luck.
    he is right i now own this beast if machine and i have it running at 1.47ghz
    it run quite cool, considering. Drilling the holes in the back will bring down its resale value, but if you plan to keep it it is a good option.
    If you are not using and dont plan to use your pci slots i sugest, putting an out fan down there for just a little more additional cooling.

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  • prplhaze
    May 4, 03:31 PM
    Last time I jailbrok was my 3G, Now I have an i4 with 4.3.2 and when they went untethered recently I jailbroke.

    I havent used many themes long enough to be sure, so this might just be the theme I'm using. However with the Aquarium theme, and I suspect many others, every day I get several banner ads that pop up in the background, behind the icons.

    What the heck is the deal with that? I don't need what should be a static background image pulling web content to serve me up ads.

    Is this a thing the developer of the theme controls, is it a consequence of having the jailbreak, or something else?

    More importantly how do I turn it off.

    I searched the forum but could not find a thread that covered this.

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  • iwantanewmac
    Sep 9, 04:38 AM
    of course no hardware upgrades.
    We should see major powermac upgrades in february
    top of the line 1.4 GHZ! wooooow

    note sarcasm......:o

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  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 10, 04:03 AM
    I'd buy a DSi if I was buying for 1 game. We have them for sale for around €100 brand new now. Considering 3DS is retailing at €260 here that's one hell of a difference.

    DSi = 13 hour battery life, less than 1/2 price

    3DS may be more powerful, but 2.5-3 hour battery life & twice the price to do what?

    play a game designed for the ds. It seems like a poor trade off.

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  • Broc27
    Apr 26, 05:58 PM
    Basically the Mac Pro comes in two different fundamental configurations: a single CPU version and a dual CPU version. These are two different chipsets and unless you reeeally like overspending it is not wise to change this later.

    Consider your needs and first of all determine if the software you'll be using can take advantage of a high number of cores. If you don't know a google or forums search can help, you can also ask about specific software here.

    Once you have determined how many cores you need (or want) you can go straight to the model you need (stock or customized at the apple online store) or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can, as you are proposing, buy a single cpu or dual cpu model and upgrade it with very specific processors. If you want a dual CPU model you CAN'T mix different processors; they have to be identical. If you buy a single CPU model you CAN'T add another CPU later unless you also change the chipset, which is, as I said, very expensive.

    I'd say more here about which CPUs you can upgrade to but I think you first need to determine your actual needs and your budget.

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  • ryan0402
    Sep 24, 06:40 PM
    I am bying the ipod 4 but love the iphone 4 form factor. I am not going to go out and buy and iphone so I was wondering what case would work with the ipod 4mto make it feel like the iphone 4.

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  • Ozix
    May 7, 02:12 AM

    Or why not an MBA? It should be able to handle Aperture fine, not sure about Final Cut - might want to ask on the MBA forum.

    I thought about the Air, especially considering I'll be buying an SSD to replace the HDD in the MBP, however the 4GB of RAM and the older Core 2 Duo processors kinda scared me away. Now if the MBA has a refresh before we get back in July I'll definitely look into it...

    As was your +1 for the $1199 13" or $1499 13"


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  • rockyroad55
    May 6, 12:03 PM
    lol thats the first thing I thought when I saw the thread and his name I was like 'hmm, whats he gonna do when he gets an imac, make another account?" lol

    Well we'll know who it will be when another user with that name shows up. :p

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  • petvas
    May 6, 08:22 AM
    When I initially installed Lion I was very impressed by the new features. Now, and after I have been using it for a week now, I not that impressed anymore. I think there is room for improvements:

    * Launchpad: The idea is good but the implementation could be much better. You should make launchpad behave like a computer application and not like an iPad one! Right click should offer context menu to create new folders, rename and delete folders. Right clicking on an app should offer options to move it to an existing folder, or create a new one. Launchpad should also have the option not to run in full screen mode! In its current incarnation I am not going to be using it. I still prefer Spotlight for running apps. For organizing them I still prefer the apps folder on the dock.
    * Full screen mode: A good idea that works very well if you have small screens or/and resolution. On my ACD I have so much space that for most apps, full screen mode is an overkill. I don't see me using it a lot. Maybe when Aperture gets it I will use it.
    * Mission Control: This one I like. It combines spaces and expose very nice.
    * The new layout is nice but I would like to see some new features regarding Exchange Server. More compatibility to Exchange would be nice. Support for Out of Office messages, categories and Exchange tasks are essential.
    * Saving the state of apps: It does take a while to get used to the fact that the state of all apps is always being saved on exit. I would prefer to have the option (without using the Alt key) to not save the state of an app by default. There are situations you don't want to have an app resume its state. Imagine showing a video to someone. You close quicktime and then after a while you need quicktime again. You open it and the video resumes...Not very good!
    * Finder: I prefer to have the devices on top on the left side of Finder and not on the bottom. There should be an option to change that.

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    Feb 25, 09:34 AM
    Hi All...

    I was hoping for some help and guidance. I've been a network engineer for 15 years now. All of my experience is in the Microsoft arena. Lately, my organization has been adopting MAC / Apple products ( iPad, iPhones, etc. ) but we've now gone as far as to purchase our first MAC desktop system, an iMAC.

    Having no formal training in administering an iMAC in a Windows AD Domain ( 2008 ) I've been scouring the internet ( Google ) looking for as much information as I can. So far, I've been able to integrate it into our AD Domain and have network users login and have access to their network home directories.

    I am, however, suffering in a couple of areas and was hoping that I could get some real world advice on the following:

    1) What is the best way for me to administer this computer remotely using my Windows 7 Pro workstation? Example: Remotely connecting to it for help desk and other needs. Currently I use Dameware NT Utilities to remotely connect and administer my PC based workstations. Is there a similar utility for iMAC's that will run on Windows 7?

    2) Login scripts... How am I able to accomplish this on a MAC? My PC based workstations use a batch file to map network drives and other things needed at login.

    3) What is the best way for me to be able to control the iMAC through Group Policies? Or maybe I should be asking if this is even possible?

    I appreciate in advance for any help your able to give! :)

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  • gekko513
    Feb 15, 06:54 PM
    Yes, I know that now, but that is one of the few things I wasn't able to figure out myself on OS X.

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  • devilot
    Sep 22, 01:31 PM
    Never had a portable before....Personally, I love using a desktop much more than a laptop but it is convenient, which is part of the reason why I didn't need/want power in a portable.

    From what you say, I think you would be fine w/ an iBook rather than a PB.

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  • sysiphus
    May 4, 10:50 PM
    FYI, unless you're planning on doing heavy-duty gaming (Halo, Quake 4, Doom 3 or the like), I'd stick to a passively-cooled graphics card; the fan noise will be pretty obnoxious, especially if you get an ATI 9800.

    Also, think carefully about using that machine as a daily computer--they idleat well over 100W; leaving one of those on regularly will noticeably increase your power bill (unless you have free utilities :) ) Be aware that things like Netflix streamiing will never work on a PowerPC Mac.

    With all that said, I'm glad you're enjoying your "new" toy! I loved my dual G5, and if it were still practical to have it, I would :cool:

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  • celticpride678
    Mar 11, 10:28 PM
    Partitioned 25 GB's of space to Lion and haven't touched Snow Leopard since.

    May 5, 05:26 PM
    Does anyone have this problem? IPhoto duplicates the event section. When sync to the iPhone. Shows in iTunes but not in iPhoto .

    I believe this is an iPhoto bug, not an iOS or iTunes problem. It only showed up when people upgraded to 9.1.2. Earlier versions of iPhoto and Aperture do not have this problem.

    Feb 5, 07:08 PM
    I haven't checked, it may be possible to set it up so they can simply send an email to a single address and have it forwarded out by MailChimp or similar to all the address in the database. The form I put on the website is powered directly by MailChimp, though, which is why I showed it. The entries from that are sent directly to their servers.

    It's just fairly complex to set this up manually, and I don't know all the steps (I've tried before, in fact).


    Mar 11, 08:44 AM
    Every time I open Chrome, Safari, anything... The internet doesn't load. Any suggestions to fix this?

    Mar 20, 11:49 AM
    I play the DEMO all the time....its a blast.
    I may buy this, but have too many other full length games to play at the moment.

    Nov 18, 10:50 AM
    Care to elaborate? Since I updated to 1.72 I haven't had any problems with it... I just completed my first WU for Team MacRumors!

    Our friend there is on PowerPC. His production is.......lacking.:D You have time for now......but not for long!!!! I am putting out over 1000 points a day I will catch you!