Monday, May 23, 2011

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black eyed peas fergie pees on stage. Fergie#39;s comment reminds me
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  • meanmusic
    Sep 6, 10:24 PM
    There has been talk about release movies at the theatre and DVD at the same time. It seems people would like the choice of where and when to see a movie. Home theatre technology brings the movie experience at home even large screen computers. What if Apple will be the first to experiment with viewing movies released to the theatre at home through the movie store? We've seen TV studios release TV episode sneak peeks and new episodes the following day it airs. Could this be the big thing? $14.99 to watch a new movie at home with the whole family is actually a bargain. Steve obviously has influence with Disney to make it possible. Imagine watch the next Disney/Pixar movie in the confort of your own home on a 24" wall mounted iMac.

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  • theBB
    Jul 19, 08:30 PM
    Vista will often require users to upgrade older computers to make it usable will play to Apple's advantage. The upgrade (hardware and software) disruption that Vista is going to cause is a perfect point for folks thinking about switching to a Mac to make the jump... they have to spend the money anyways so why not get a Mac (especially since if they don't like Mac OS X they can fallback on running Vista or XP on it).
    But, look at it from the other angle. If Vista and Leopard does not look all that different, why switch to a Mac? Tiger would be a bit more user friendly to maintain, iLife might end up being less buggy, but you gotta balance that againts the "fear of the unknown", repurchasing some of your software and lack of close friends etc. to "borrow" software from. I am not that upbeat about 2007 for OSX.

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  • Nameci
    Feb 27, 07:04 PM
    now not to start a ppc vs intel flame war. but if it serves his purposes just fine why would he switch? for example my MDD works amazingly well and if it had a better graphics card it would be my main machine; why? because when you run software that is optimized for ppc (and most pro apps still are) they are blazing fast. as far as i can recall i could run fcp at a speed that rivaled my 13 mbp (before its gfx card died). anyway don't take this personally :P just pointing out a fact.

    (if this starts a flame war i will seriously smack myself XD :p)

    No offense taken anyway... I am more mature, I am not into Intel Mac stuff yet. Still find the challenge to keep this old machines working. And they worked fine with minimum upkeep.

    If ever apple will decide to switch to another processor I might find the interest to take on Intel Macs and collect... :D

    And it is not the only PPC machine that I have...

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 29, 12:44 PM
    well, if you post the same thing in several threads (especially if it's unrelated to the subject of the discussion), then yes, i think it's spam

    Spam? No, just off topic. But all these posts about his one post being off topic? Now that I could consider spam.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Jul 19, 06:32 PM
    I bet at the Developer's conference that Adobe and Microsoft announce Universal Binaries for September.

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  • Giaguara
    Apr 15, 10:30 AM
    What people don't understand is that Apple is dying....

    Yes, I don't really understand WHY according to ... you ?? apple would be dieing.

    If you want a Mac that costs 500 $, buy a second had iMac / eMac.

    I have NEVER seen a petition that has anything to do with computer or software industry, that I could believe would make _really_ any difference. All the petitions I've seen seem rant - like. If you have an idea, just present it in a more constructive manner, bring / ship it to Cupertino.

    Besides - I find it really weird that you don't have more than 500 $ to spend for a computer ... when you are living in Japan. Quit drinking gallons of milk a day there, and you can get a computer in a week. ;)

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  • QCassidy352
    Jan 10, 10:03 PM
    bah, way out of date comment, didn't realize how old this thread is. mod delete please. :o

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  • FireStar
    Oct 2, 07:37 PM
    My quest for the perfect case continues...... :(
    I would suggest anything Switcheasy. (Even though they don't have anything out yet.) I think I'm going to get a BSE and a Griffin Reveal. But that's just me. Belkin looks promising....

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  • kelving525
    Sep 30, 09:36 AM
    I like the Grip Vue also, the one thing I don't like about this case is the little strip on the front that goes across (above) the docking port.

    Mine (night sky) is a bit floppy there and feels like it could get worse with pulling the device in and out of pockets, backpacks, etc. I can see it tearing easily if snagged.

    I understand that TPU is claimed to be quite durable and elastic, but I don't like being concerned about a $25 piece of formed plastic :(

    I may return it just on this 'flaw.'


    I know exactly how you feel! I thought it was going to break!

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  • jholzner
    Nov 29, 03:13 PM
    For the love of god Steve, you need to come out with a TiVo/Media Center PC KILLER. I would love to see that.

    Yep, cause the media center PCs are selling hand over fist and Tivo is making more money than they know what do do with. Oh, wait...

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  • Digital Dude
    Mar 24, 02:49 PM
    [QUOTE=aiqw9182;12245523]You can upgrade to the latest 5870 card if you wanted to right now.../QUOTE]

    So, without using the supplied windows CD/Driver I can simply plug n' play the 5870 into my 2009 MacPro and it work?! Sounds very tempting.

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  • kurosov
    Mar 25, 03:56 PM
    Once they enable the use of other iOS devices as wireless controllers then i'll be interested.

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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 18, 01:46 PM
    Here are monthly stats for our team ( designed is kicking some booty! Way to go designed :eek:

    Our team stats page ( click in the columns to change the sort

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  • milo
    Jul 20, 10:19 AM
    With Netflix, you can't just say, "Let's watch a movie tonight." You have to plan ahead your movie schedule. Netflix will die once iTMS comes alone. It's all about instant instant instant.

    With NF you get three movies at a time, and you can get plans with more. It does require a little planning, but right now, the quantity of content you can get in a month for the price can't be beat. If you think it's so stupid, what do you propose as the smarter alternative?

    For iTMS to beat it, it would have to match netflix's pricing as well, which would be $1 or less per rental. I don't see that happening. They'd also have to have better quality and include all DVD extras with all movies.

    Until then, I'll happily stick with netflix.

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  • usptact
    May 3, 04:12 AM
    And they will call this "revolution" and amazing feature which is worth $$$... classic and very usual from Apple.

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  • Small White Car
    Mar 22, 03:58 PM
    The eMac hung around for a long time.

    I'd certainly believe that Apple will keep selling these things online for several years, long after they take them out of the retail stores.

    Sales to dance club DJs alone probably makes it worth it to keep making them.

    This does make sense. It's also a nice opportunity to add Thunderbolt to a device.


    The big problem with hard drives is that they're slow. How would a faster connection help an iPod Classic in any way?

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  • Eric-PTEK
    Mar 24, 10:59 PM
    I would replace my Hack Pro with a Mac Pro if I had my choices of video cards.

    With dual processors and VM's I'd just run 2 30" screens, one with osX, one with Win7 in a VM.

    This is the biggest deficiency that Apple has.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 16, 11:24 AM
    One question about 512MB vs 1 & 2 GB mod bandwidth. If the Mac comes with two 512MB mods installed in Riser A and I buy two 2GB modules to put into Riser B - total 5GB, will the slower bandwidth (or whatever it's called) of the two 512MB mods slowing down the faster 2GB mods be offset by having RAM installed in both risers rather than pulling the 512's and only having two 2GB mods installed in Riser A only - total 4GB? The difference of 1GB of RAM doesn't seem like that part would matter if the 512 mods slow everything down.

    Since the RAM all runs at the same speed and timings, no. The 512MB half-gate modules won't slow down the other RAM. However, any data going through the 512MB modules will see a very slight improvement in latency, but the upper ceiling for bandwidth out of those modules will be about half of what you would get out of a 1 or 2 GB module.

    Personally, I would want all my RAM to be consistant...

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  • Roller
    Aug 6, 09:05 PM
    I'm hoping that Leopard is more of an increment than the last couple of OS X releases were. I'd still rather use Tiger than any other OS, but Apple really needs to address its UI inconsistencies and usability issues. For example, I think that printing and font management in OS X are much more complicated than they need to be. Apple also should take a close look at the many third-party utilities that fill in gaps in OS X and make changes accordingly.

    This would also be a good time to make sure that OS X is as secure as it can be. It's not enough to rely on the lack of Mac viruses and spyware compared to Windows, as Apple does in its advertising- the more popular OS X becomes, the more of a target that it's going to be. OS X needs a robust Security System Preference Panel that provides virus checking and other defenses and actively monitors for intrusions.

    Mar 27, 01:33 PM
    Well some people think that's debatable ;).

    It was a trap...:)

    Apr 27, 11:41 AM
    I can't be the only one that is sick to death with regards to car analogies. Grrr

    Feb 9, 09:47 PM
    Was crunching for another team before. The stats from Berkley show the aggregate as do some tools like the FAH Wudget.

    oh ok, gotcha. congrats!

    Apr 2, 07:41 PM
    Great ad! Glad to see something new from Apple.

    Feb 17, 12:55 PM
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